My Therapeutic Approach

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and for many, psychotherapy is an important part in the process. I believe that psychotherapy affords the opportunity to begin to unravel, understand, piece together and manage the unique set of circumstance that currently impacts a person’s life.

I believe that psychotherapy should be an empowering experience that allows you to grow stronger as an individual and gain a deeper understanding of how you perceive, understand and move around in your world. I believe as you grow in awareness, you will gain the ability to effect positive changes in your life, grow more connected to those around you and move towards self fulfillment, meaning and purpose.

I am forever reminding my Clientele that when they meet with me, my office is really their room. I believe that therapy should be an interactive and collaborative effort and hope that if our lives do cross paths that my generally relaxed and nonjudgmental nature will put you at ease so that we can discover and remove any obstacles that are keeping you from enjoying your own life’s journey.