About Me

Throughout the course of my life, experience has taught me that it’s all connected- our past, our present and hence our future. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to receive training with many professionals, who were very influential and shaped my life in ways that I never thought possible. My educational and life experience have helped me gain an understanding and respect for individuals within their own cultural, sociological and personal context while treating their psychological issues.

I hold undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology, as well as a Graduate Degree in Forensic Psychology, with post-graduate work focusing on Addictions and Mental Health Counseling. I am dual licensed as both a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and as a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) and work with adults, adolescents and couples. I have worked for a number of years counseling individuals with depression, anxiety, self-esteem and interpersonal issues. Among those I serve are also individuals affected by chemical addiction. Within this population, I have worked with individuals, spouses, parents and a unique population known as Adult Children of Alcoholics/Addicts (ALCOA) who wish to recover from their direct or indirect experiences with addiction. I believe recovery is a very special and individual process. Often I feel privileged when I am able to witness an individual’s transformation during therapy. I have always approached someone’s recovery full of hope that recovery is possible and enjoy helping those who want to recover to reclaim, rebuild and become an active participant in their own lives. In addition, I have worked with and enjoyed helping individuals who have a history of physical and/or sexual abuse recover their lives as well.